Old World Ratsnake Common Names & Scientific Names

Old World strictly means; Europe, Asia ( Eurasia ) & Africa (Afro-Eurasia), plus surrounding islands. The term is in distinction from the New World, meaning the Americas and Australasia.

It should be noted that common names are widely variable, some are not common at all, in that they may fall in and out of use. These are just the ones used in the English language with enough frequency to be known by most. The use of an animals scientific name ensures clarity when discussing them.

Manila Ratsnake Coelognathus erythrurus manillensis
Palawan Ratsnake Coelognathus erythrurus philippinus
Yellow Stripe Ratsnake / Black Tailed Racer Coelognathus flavolineatus
Celebes Ratsnake Coelognathus erythrurus celebensis
Grey Tailed Philippine Ratsnake Coelognathus erythrurus psephenourus
Red Tailed Philippene's Ratsnake / Mindao Ratsnake Coelognathus erythrurus erythrurus
Trinket Snake / Indian Trinket Rat Snake Coelognathus helena helena
Collared Trinket Snake Coelognathus helena monticollaris
Radiated Ratsnake / Copperheaded Racer Coelognathus radiatus
Engano Ratsnake Coelognathus subradiatus enganensus
Indonesian Ratsnake Coelognathus subradiatus subradiatus
Twin Spot Ratsnake / Chinese Garter Snake Elaphe bimaculata
Stinking Goddess / King ratsnake Elaphe carinata carinata
Deqen Keeled Ratsnake Elaphe carinata deqenensus
Eastern Keeled Ratsnake Elaphe carinata yongaguniensus
Japanese Ratsnake Elaphe climacophora
Japanese Fourlined Ratsnake / Red Eyed Ratsnake Elaphe quadrivirgata
Eastern Fourlined Ratsnake / Bulgarian Ratsnake / Blotched Fourlined Snake Elaphe sauromates
Amur Ratsnake / Faded Amur / Korean Ratsnake Elaphe anomala
Davids Ratsnake / Pere David’s ratsnake Elaphe davidi
Diones Ratsnake / Steppes Ratsnake Elaphe dione
Western Fourlined Ratsnake / European Fourlined Ratsnake Elaphe quatuorlineata quatuorlineata
Cyclades Fourlined Ratsnake / Aegean Island Ratsnake Elaphe quatuorlineata muenteri
Russian Ratsnake / Black Amur Ratsnake Elaphe schrencki
Japanese Forest Ratsnake / Red Japanese Ratsnake Euprepiophis conspicillatus
Mandarin Ratsnake Euprepiophis mandarinus
Pearl Banded Ratsnake / Szechwan Rat Snake Euprepiophis perlaceus
Celebe Black Tailed Racer/Ratsnake / Jansens Ratsnake Gonyosoma janseni
Red Tailed Racer / Red Tailed Green Ratsnake / Red Tailed Tree Racer / Mangrove Ratsnake Gonyosoma oxycephalum
Bella's Ratsnake Maculophis bellus belllus
Chapa Ratsnake Maculophis bellus chapansis
Red Backed Ratsnake / Chinese Gartersnake Oocatochus rufodorsatus
Thai Red Mountain Ratsnake/Racer / Thai Bamboo Snake Oreocryptophis porphyraceus coxi
Hainan Bamboo Ratsnake Oreocryptophis porphyraceus hainanus
Taiwan Bamboo Ratsnake Oreocryptophis porphyraceus kawakamii
Chinese Bamboo Ratsnake / Chinese Red Mountain Ratsnake/Racer Oreocryptophis porphyraceus vaillanti
Broad Banded Mountain Ratsnake Oreocryptophis porphyraceus laticincta
Yunnan Mountain Ratsnake Oreocryptophis porphyraceus pulchra
Red Bamboo Ratsnakes Oreocryptophis porphyraceus porphyraceus
Cantor's Ratsnake Orthriophis cantoris
Hodgson's Ratsnake Orthriophis hodgsonii
Taiwan Beauty Snake Orthriophis taeniurus friesi
Indonesian Beauty Snake Orthriophis taeniurus grabowski
Mocquards Beauty Snake Orthriophis taeniurus mocquardi
Yunnan Beauty Snake Orthriophis taeniurus yunnanensis
Chinese Beauty Snakes / Striped Tail Ratsnake Orthriophis taeniurus taeniurus
Hundred Flower Snake / Moellendorfs Ratsnake Orthriophis moellendorffi
Blue Beauty / Vietnamese Blue Beauty Orthriophis taeniurus spp.
Cave Dwelling Ratsnake / Ridleys Ratsnake / Maylaysian Racer Orthriophist aeniurus ridleyi
Rein Snake / Assam Green Trinket Snake Rhadinophis frenatum
Green Bush Snake / Asian Green Rat Snake / Green Trinket Snake Rhadinophis prasinum
Ladder Snake Rhinechis scalaris
Italian Aesculapian Snake Zamenis lineatus
Aescalapian Snake Zamenis longissimus
Persian Ratsnake Zamenis persicus
Taurus Mountain Ratsnake / Turkish Ratsnake Zamenis hohenackeri taurica
Transcaucasian Ratsnake Zamenis hohenackeri hohenackeri
Leopard Snake Zamenis situla